Triangles on the road - Summer 2013 and more

Remember their first appearance for New Years' Eve at Plastic & Libertine Supersport
Now the triangle structure we made with Dominique Lombardo is running across partyworld,

Wave Festival at Domaine du Clairmarais in Aubange (BE) in July was a really good one, music & art joined together, met really interesting artistic work there and motivated people

And they stayed during the whole Francopholies in the VIP Room

Same for them, their combinations are infinite so don't let them getting bored, make a party,
we choose a structure, I map that in 30 min y " Vamonos de Fiesta ! "

 Les Francofolies
 Wave Festival
    Les Nocturnes 2013: Grand Curtius
  Experience : Caserne Fonck