Director's Cut clip DI Ove

So this is my first clip as a director, and of course it's experimental in many ways!  Videoclip shot in just 1 day, I know it's really short but that was the mission and we did it. The central idea the guys of DI ove wanted to express is men/women encounters, for the rest I could experiment what I wanted, so I chose to illustrate it  while playing with mapping on their bodies. I made other clips as a cameraman/mapper or motion designer. But this one is actually my first baby. Also a good  experience to give me more knowledge about mapping on humans and as always, it brought a bunch of new ideas with it.

The Beam FX works also very well. I really like the destruction effect of the whole body and projection on multiple face on the same.  Even if the VP was set in HD, the resolution is not perfect ; next time putting the VP closer to the  subject  to have more resolution is the easy solution for that kind of issue.

I map everything with Mad Mapper and use my iPad to warp the model closer ! Note this ! It's the solution to warp at a distance of 10cm of your mapping. You can also make a remote desktop with an other laptop, but it's more classy with my new toy :)

One top. We used the depth camera Kinect and Processing for making 3D points clouds witch we've recorded using Syphon. We used makeHuman, an open source tool for making 3D character, to create the heads and we've exported these to Blender for animation.

I created some patterns of dots in modul8 and used the auto rotate tool. It works awesome on the skin.
We also created 3D animations to map directly on the face. Importing the object in Plexus 2 was very cool to produce an apparition of the shape and bring some surface on my dots/ lines.

Cam:: camera sony Z5 + ninja recorder :: appel pro res 10bit : full frame 
Recorded directly on a ssd, so then we put it in the timeline, and in just 5 minutes, we start to edit. It's a very fast way to work and offers wider possibilities to act on colorimetry at 10bit. 

Many thanks to the non-comedian friendz who played that role that day ! And to all the people present there on the set.

Mike Latona : director  + mapping + motion design + camera
Joachim del Puppo : editing + camera
DI ove : music 
Olivier de Rop : Additional 3D