Really cool summer festival for the inaugurative presentation of the new stage design that kept me
up these last times : No Name  Festival at Chateau de Reinhardstein, Ovifat (BE)
Nice venue, 2 days of mapping on it for me, big line-up (Stephan Bodzin the saturday was huge),
great welcome & cool atmosphere.

True to my logic I created a structure for mapping that offers me kind of multiple ways to use it while being hugely compact & really simple to handle & carry.
It is made of 8 polystyrene modules of different shapes & sizes carved in bas-reliefs
(together the 8 modules fits in 1m3 box) and assemble them in multiple ways regarding space & technics. So light & easy to set up that we totally changed the stage design from the first to the second night in 1hour30 top chrono.
Motion design with Olivier de Rop & Thomas Tellier
Help for the stage : Kenny Solas

The video of the fest -->

Technically, I used white foam and isolating plates, made 3D models in order to cut the plates with a panotteuse-saw, with big care for cutting the same corners.  Then I put fiberglass (110g/m2) and apply epoxy-resin on it (2 components), which harden the structure so that it is particularly strong, totally waterproof and fireproof to respond to security charts.

Check the architectural lab section for other pics & 3D models

They are made for running and are perfect for dj booth, shows, stages, so contact me if you wanna see them in your party