Mapping Festival 2013

I can't explain with words what's happening here! working inside the team of the Mapping Festival in Geneva is really, but really a big pleasure (check their website they are awesome.
Everything's running so easy while hard working with pro's, everybody's smiling, people coming from everywhere on the globe, I'm there & it feels damn good
I just gave a workshop around map-painting with jessica champlaine, 4 days of work and plastical experimentations. The participants were invited to create murals, paintings or 2D and 3D projection supports, on which will be projected the animated and/ or filmed images they created on the theme of map, landscape and portrait. 
Using the basic visual expression techniques (collages, painting, construction...) but also more sophisticated ones (numerical image, post-production video, mapping...).
The 11 participants came from 6 different countries around the world. 

The last days before the kickstart of the festival I've been busy with the official signaletic & goodies (stickers, t-shirts..) of the festival. 

The 10th may, i've made a mapping with François Tarabass from CENC collective
everything in audio-react, so perfectly synchro with sound, and all that on a crazy structure, Frz from 1024 Architecture made also a soft in just one hour to control the Led of the show.

Only great things can happen when so much good energy gather at the same place, thank you guys !!! Exhibition 2013 :