Gig with friends at Mapping Festival

May 10th at Mapping Festival (Geneva) was the day of our mapping with François Tarabass from CENC collective in audio-react, so perfectly synchro with sound.
We used VDMX with some Quartz Composer plugins all mapped with the new Mad Mapper 1.5 with multi output. It works so easily. Thank you Alex !

It was projected on a cool stage design realized by Adrien Boulanger and Boris Edelstein (creator of Modul8, Mad Mapper, Reversehead, blablabla :-). 

Franz from 1024 Architecture made a soft in just one hour to control the LEDs of the show with his famous playstation remote. It was a cool collaboration with all the friendz from Mapping Festival, and a first step to a new Vjset project with Tarabass.