FOOL CTRL at Mapping festival

Between stage design and installation, Fool Control is a creative team made of Mike Latona aka Los Hermanos and François Moncarey aka MySquare. They create their own software tools and thus control all the affects of a scene, from video mapping to led through lasers and lights. This principle allows them to have a complete and coherent light atmosphere control. Thanks to real-time control, visual effects are calculated to match the sonic atmosphere while keeping a part of live game and improvisation.
We use for that installation 2 Lazers, sunstrip, 24m on LED, 3 strobe, 3 VP 6K, Led Spots, and some Sharpy.
The idea was to create a installation without seeing it, everything was cover, and can be used separately during the show. The theme was the pattern razzle dazzle for the video content.