FOOL CONTROL @ ZOO IS BACK \\ GENEVA \\ 30 & 31 aug 13

Been there done that but THAT you hadn't seen yet pussycat : FOOL CONTROL BIG INSTALL with Tarrabass (aka My Squar) the weekend of 30 & 31 august @ le Zoo (Geneva) for its reopening

If I tell you we played it really far you can believe me my 2 fingers in your nose Which means :
we made a pyramid with 17 Led bars rvb and a stage structure composed of 34 m Led (2 Univers)
and we simultaneously fully control
10 sunstrips
3 stroboscopes
1 laser
& the color of the DMX lights
We used vdmx + Madlight + Madmapper
& a bunch of new program Tarrabass created with quartz composer,
and the big dose of generative and motion all Live And Controlled !
What happens is videofootages created on the beat in 4, 8 & 16 times,
a mapping on the back triangle structure and on 40 opaque square
(1mm thick, 13 kg in the luggage >

Collaboration :
Francois Tarrabass //

Remember our first conspiration during Mapping Festival 2013

Help by
Baptiste Lambinet
Olivier De Rop
Thomas Tellier