# MAR/13   Here are some pictures of fashion designer Knackfuß shooting
Video clip directed by Laetitia Bica

a.KNACKFUSS f/W 2013-14
> Photography/art direction : Laetitia Bica
> Photography assistance : Maxime Fauconnier and Cindy Damen 
> Mapping : Latona Mike - 3D effects : Olivier De Rop
> Finetuning & postprod : Olivier Dressen HERO

// The video was projected on the model using a kinect ; for this we -with Olivier De Rop- remodelled the space in 3D and made several installations around her, playing with stretch fabric mounted on a 4 x 3m frame to distort the video, some with tulle fabric stretched in the air, we remapped elements in polystyrene, etc etc
At the moment it's Olivier Dressen who's finetuning it in Shangai so you'll have news about that really soon !